How to pack for your next Disney trip


Packing for a Disney vacation might be as overwhelming as the actual trip. But don’t let that deter you. It’s impossible to predict the weather when you’re visiting a Disney park, so it’s a good plan. Our eight top suggestions and packing list are here to help you prepare for the vacation of a lifetime at a Disney park, so don’t stress when planning the fun bits like which attractions to ride first, which characters to meet, and where to dine.

Outfits are included in the baggage allowance.

Packing a suitcase full of T-shirts and shorts for a Disney vacation is rarely a good idea. When it comes to children’s clothing, the wrong top will inevitably be paired with the wrong pair of shorts. When packing for a trip, choosing outfits that allow you to mix and match different tops and bottoms is a good idea.

At least two pairs of decent walking shoes and flip-flops are recommended for footwear. A day at Disneyland or Walt Disney World may be dampened by the frequent appearance of splash and dash showers or by the passing of a rainstorm. You can almost always count on having dry shoes each day of your trip if you bring two pairs of walking shoes. The flip-flops are ideal for a day at the pool or the water parks at Walt Disney World.

Be ready for any weather.

Even while the weather in Anaheim and Orlando is often warm, unexpected cool evenings are possible in Southern California, and rain showers are likely in South Florida, so be prepared with ponchos and rain boots if you’re going to any of those locations. When packing for your trip, keep an eye on the weather reports to ensure you have everything you need. Temperatures might fluctuate, so even if the forecast says it will be hot and sunny all week, it’s best to bring a light jacket to keep you warm at night.

Your favorite Disney-themed toys and outfits are welcomed.

There is nothing wrong with collecting souvenirs from your travels, but let’s face it: Disney merchandise is pricey. A bubble wand or sparkling Minnie Mouse T-shirt in the park gift shop is certain if you have kids in tow. Prepare ahead of time with some cool new Disney gear or toys you purchased for considerably cheaper at your local department store.

Be ready to keep your cool.

Packing the right clothes and a few additional useful goods like a cold pad and a rechargeable fan are the first steps to staying comfortable in the parks. It is easy to keep cool during the sweltering summer months at Walt Disney World or Disneyland by ordering a chilly pad from Amazon. Once the cloth has been “activated” by running it under the tap, you may wrap it around your neck to keep yourself cool. Recharging a fan is another technique to stay cool when visiting the parks. In addition to Amazon, these handheld fans come in various colors. In humid Florida summers, even though the air they disperse isn’t frigid, the wind they provide is better than having no breeze. A wide-brimmed hat to shield you from the sun is a need no matter where you go.

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